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You've never been known for being shy, retiring or unavailable to the ones you love, and that goes double now. You'll happily burn the candle at both ends if it means being able to mingle with new, interesting people.

Aries: If anyone has earned the right to travel at a moment's notice, it's you, especially since you've done everything you can to be reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. You should definitely have your passport ready.

Taurus: You're feeling spontaneous, generous and willing to extend a hand to anyone who needs it. That goes double for the one you love, who'll be able to get you to do their bidding with just one little glance.

Gemini: Talk about a good time. The universe has set you up for love, luck and anything else you can imagine. Your worst problem will be which dream to wish for when you close your eyes and cross your fingers.

Cancer: It's hard to imagine you working anywhere and not being treated like family by everyone there. So when one of those extended family members asks for your help now, you'll cancel your plans and do everything you can.

Leo: An out-of-towner with a terrific accent and an even more exotic attitude is about to cross your path, ready, willing and eager to charge into your life and help you to make some much needed changes. Ready?

Virgo: A family member's spontaneous and unpretentious actions now will demonstrate the depth of their love for and loyalty to you. You may not say a word about it, but you'll be truly touched.

Libra: You've been polite, considerate and attentive to everyone, just as usual. You've even gone out of your way to be nice to at least one someone who might not deserve it. Enough. Just walk away. It's time.

Scorpio: You're due for kudos. After you've received your accolades from the masses, however, how extravagantly you decide to spoil yourself is up for grabs. Oh, why not? Give yourself a treat. Something totally excessive.

Capricorn: You're not ready to reveal your innermost thoughts to anyone, even the one person you know is most anxious to hear your answer. Don't feel guilty -- not one bit. You'll speak when it's time, and not before.

Aquarius: You've always had a wide assortment of interesting friends from all walks of life. You'll be adding at least a couple more to your extensive collection now, and you'll meet them under extremely odd circumstances.

Pisces: If you've been putting off asking for a raise, bonus or promotion, there's just no time like the present to stop waiting and start asking. You've earned it, and you know it. Prepare yourself confidently.
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