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Daily Horoscope
The simple pleasures are the most lasting ones. So before you catch a bad case of keeping up with the Joneses, remember the things that have given you -- and will continue to give you -- lasting joy.

Aries: Exercise your brain along with your mouth. In other words, think before you speak, especially today. The stars lend your words extra weight and significance, so go slowly before making any pronouncements.

Taurus: These circumstances might just have to be put on the delicate cycle -- they require a lighter and more careful touch than the usual lather, rinse and repeat. Ask for help if you're not sure how to proceed.

Gemini: Fishing for a compliment? Well, no need to cast your line out on unresponsive waters. There's someone out there who patently adores you, and would love to tell you exactly why that is.

Cancer: Everything in moderation -- including moderation. If you've been dying to really go wild and cut loose, now's your chance. The stars encourage outrageous and outlandish modes of expression right now.

Leo: Reflecting: it's not just for mirrors, you know. Why not take some time and ruminate over some of the recent and, yes, very exciting events in your life? Give yourself a chance to slow down and appreciate it all.

Virgo: Misery loves company, but that's no reason to let someone else's bad mood drag you down. Remember that while you can lend a hand, you can't solve their problems for them.

Libra: One plus one equals two -- and a whole lot of fun. That little equation defines your day, if you let it. If you're looking for companionship -- fun, meaningful or both -- it's yours for the asking.

Scorpio: Just when you think you're about to fall, someone throws you a rope and hauls you back up to safety. Thank goodness you've got friends and allies like these. Make sure you thank them.

Capricorn: If someone keeps buzzing around you but you're genuinely not interested, find a way to let them down easy -- especially if you're attached. Be gentle, yet firm -- it's best for everyone involved.

Aquarius: Love can be so, well, lovely. Someone near and dear to you lets you know just how much you really mean to them. Try not to get all sniffly. Oh, what the heck -- go ahead and cut loose.

Pisces: A deadline may seem like it's sprung up on you out of nowhere, but is that really the case? If this is one in yet another series of things you've procrastinated on, it's time to look at how you use your time.

Daily Romantic Horoscopes for Singles
The conversations with you-know-who are fun, interesting and philosophical, but bizarrely they're not yielding a ton of information about potential romantic interest. The day leaves you with a big question mark floating above your head.

Aries: Maybe it's time to make that phone call. What do you have to lose? You don't have to talk for hours. Make it short and sweet and you'll make a good impression.

Taurus: It's okay to plop yourself down on a park bench and stare up at the trees for a while. Today's going to be the kind of day when wasting time feels like a luxury and a pleasure.

Gemini: Somehow you're going to end up in a situation today that puts you in touch with a lot of new people. Wear something attention-grabbing and tell one of your exciting stories.

Cancer: Do something unlike yourself today. Say something unbelievable. Style your hair wildly. A brief walk on the wild side might leave a magical impression in someone else's mind.

Leo: Tell a good pal what you really want. Your hopes and dreams are a little abstract at this point. Articulating them will get you closer to them becoming realities.

Virgo: Make sure you say what you mean and mean what you say. You want to be direct with this person. You don't have to wear your heart on your sleeve, but demonstrate that your confidence.

Libra: This could be the kind of experience that really draws you two together. The dullest errands can become the most exciting adventures with the right person. Play some rocking music on the car stereo.

Scorpio: Telling this person what you're thinking would be a gamble at this juncture -- and not the kind of gamble you want to take today. Play it cool and see how things develop first.

Capricorn: This person you're interested in is great in a lot of ways, but they seem to be the flakey type. Alas! Why do you always get stuck with flakey types? Their behavior probably has nothing to do with you.

Aquarius: Hubba hubba! An unexpected fling has you knocked on your feet today. You don't only feel good, you feel inspired. To do great things. To make people smile. To help flowers grow.

Pisces: You're feeling a bit overwhelmed today -- might be a good idea to take the afternoon off. Let yourself turn inward. Indulge your creative impulses. Paint the town some other day.

Daily Romantic Horoscopes for Couples
If there's one thing you and your super fun partner are not today, it's bored. Nope, no boredom here. In fact: You're having a super-fun time!

Aries: You're a chatterbox and they're like a box of chocolates. And you're both full of surprises! What on earth will you be talking about today? Whatever it is, it's sweet!

Taurus: Don't go making any long range plans today. After all, aren't summer evenings designed for just lounging around in the here-and-now with a cool minty beverage? And maybe star gazing with your favorite julep?

Gemini: Well, the world had better get ready, because you and your cinnamon stick partner are red hot! You're spicy and fiery, and you tickle the taste buds!

Cancer: If you got sunburned, well, you've only got yourself to blame! After all, who forgot to use sunblock, hm? If you're feeling like a red lobster and a bit annoyed, ask your honey for some aloe.

Leo: Indecision can be a real pain in the patooty. Especially when you can't decide on what to do, and neither can your partner! Don't get frustrated though; put your heads together to make a move.

Virgo: All you can do is your best, and if it's not enough according to your hot cross bun, well, you tell them it's the best you can do. Then try and do a little bit better.

Libra: Today, your top secret mission is to get out there and expose all the creative things you've been working on! In broad daylight! Ask your honey bear for some help!

Scorpio: Temptation is truly 'temp.' And if you give into temptation (but you wouldn't, would you?), it'll render your real relationship temporary. So just forget it, okay?

Capricorn: Today, your thinking is clear and your head is fresh as a daisy. Your arms are strong, and your heart is ready and oh-so-willing. What are you waiting for? Give your baby a big old kiss!

Aquarius: Today you and your pooh bear might want to experiment with unusual ways of communicating. Like, only writing notes to each other, but only using your toes. Who knows what could happen?

Pisces: If everything feels a little bit cloudy today, take advantage of those dreamy, ephemeral feelings to focus on some good poetry. Then start rhyming!
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