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just in time ^^

Your horoscope for Leo
Thursday, July 15, 2004

You'll step back and let others shine today, since the moon puts you in the mood for contemplation. If you're working, it's an excellent day to catch up on paperwork or peacefully complete menial tasks. Later, Uranus could turn your house upside down when you get shocking news from a relative, or a spontaneous visit from a guy you'd ordinarily spend hours getting ready for.

er haha i am so looking foward to it.not.

Your horoscope for Gemini
Thursday, July 15, 2004

An ambitious move you make--like taking a temporary job or asking for more responsibility at the one you have--will pay off in a big way today. Uranus offers surprise decisions from authority figures, and you could get extra credit (or pay) for something good you've done. If you're not working, shop for an item that will add to your social status.
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why do you always post the next days horoscope on here? Can you post THAT days horoscope on the day you are supposed to? Thanks
cox there's time difference too.
i would try.
i am just curious though,what's the time over at your place,as it's already 9.25pm over here.
its 9:36AM here.
okay thank you so much.
thank you! :)
btw thanks for commenting! if not i won't know either,*grins

sometimes this place is so dead quiet.lol.
yeah im sure! Its hard to know if people dont ask.
LOL love your icon!
vist form a guy, that could be good ....cant wait..... might be fun..
haha yupp!